How to sell your home (no bread-baking required)

The Money section in Saturday’s Guardian ran a helpful guide to selling your home in troubled times.  Despite some fairly upbeat figures recently from the likes of RICS and Nationwide, there’s no denying that we’re still in a buyer’s market so any advice for sellers is welcome.

As well as some classic tips like tidying up the front of your house and sprucing up the garden, there were a couple more high-risk strategies that reflect the tough times we’re in.

First was to deliberately under-price your property to trigger a bidding war – the idea is to get the price rising by creating competition between buyers.  The theory sounds good, but it’s not for the feint-hearted and you need to trust your estate agent!

The second was to price high, then cut the price to make it look like a bargain – the good old, “ooh, it’s 30% off, I’ll have it!” tactic.  This may work in Topshop, but your home could end up languishing on the market if the price cuts don’t get the right response.

Thankfully, the old suggestions to bake some bread or put a pot of coffee on before viewings were avoided.  I went to see a house recently where the owner just happened to be cooking some brownies when we went round – they smelt pretty good, but they didn’t make up for décor.

Use some of these higher-risk tips if you dare, but remember the basics – do your research, approach a few agents first and make sure your property is well marketed.

If you’re a buyer, we’ve got a lot of infoon our site that could help.

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