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The comic Viz is famous for its top tips such as "Save money on the cost of carpeting your home by gluing two carpet tiles to your slippers. I could be wrong, but I expect that we’re not supposed to actually follow their advice, and if we really want to save money we’d best look elsewhere.

There are lots of places offering money saving tips such as newspapers, tv and online sites which often have value, but on occasion even these sites come up with gems which would probably be more suited to Viz, such as converting your house to a B&B – not one that would work for many of us.

I appreciate that even these savings tips will have an audience, all be it limited, but they need to have a relevance to more than one or two otherwise we might give up and overlook others of real value such as voucher codes or advice on switching energy or broadband suppliers.

One area that doesn’t seem to be covered very often is life assurance, which like car and household insurance is necessary, but we’d all rather pay less for it. Many of us have what is known as term assurance to protect our families and mortgage, where the cover runs for a specific term, and if no claim is made then the cover just ceases. This type of protection can be treated like car insurance in that if you can get a cheaper premium on the same terms then there is no disadvantage in switching.

Even though the cost of life assurance has fallen dramatically over the last few years, there is still a huge variation in the premiums charged by different providers, so it’s always worth checking you’re getting good value. Add to this the huge savings that can be made by those that have stopped smoking, then the incentive is clear.

Still unsure? Here is a real life example of the savings that can be made.

Mr & Mrs D from South Wales recently saved £130 per month on their life assurance (even though they were 5 years older), just by switching from Scottish Widows to Scottish Equitable.

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