What the papers say - 15th-16th October 2011

With 319 different offset schemes now available both the Financial Times and Independent encourage borrowers to explore whether their savings will give a better return if they are used to offset their mortgage debt.  As the Sunday Times indicates the housing market recovery has stalled although some lenders are launching new products to try and help first time buyers return to the market.  The Times looked at whether it is time to switch mortgage, noting that some lenders have been offering to waive exit fees and other incentives if borrowers on certain deals leave early.  Before you jump to accept, ensure it will benefit you by checking your remortgage options thoroughly. Experts’ in this weekend’s financial press suggests, with more than 2.5m unemployed, income protection is an important policy to have.  As we approach national Breast Cancer week, an article in the Mail on Sunday highlights how a Critical illness policy enabled a lady to keep her business afloat whilst she battled breast cancer. The Financial Times reports that competition for private rental accommodation continues to soar, pushing rents to their highest level on record.  In the 3 months to end September, London based estate agent stated an average of 21.2 applicants for every London rental property.

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