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Where should you relocate to?

The UK offers something for everyone when it comes to lifestyle. Use our handy tool to see what your money can get you by the Coast, in the Country or in one of the many Cities/Towns.



Map of UK

Sources & methodology

A list of city/coastal/country locations was built up using seed lists of articles recommending places to buy property in those types of locations, as well as a list of the largest local authorities in the UK by population, which were categorised as cities.

For each place, data on property sales from zoopla.co.uk was analysed to identify the average house prices by type of house (detached/semi-detached/terraced/flat - for the last 12 months) and the number of bedrooms (for the last 1000 sales, or as many sales as there was data for). Data was collected in Feb/Mar 2022.

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