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Mr B V, Manchester
I have had 4 mortgages through L&C and wouldn't ever consider another broker, they are excellent in how they deal with you, slick and professional without any time wasted selling themselves... the quality and performance speak for themselves so is a really easy and enjoyable transaction every time.
Mr G S, London
I chose L&C primarily because of its fee free structure, and because L&C had the best online platform / questionnaire - it was very modern, intuitive, user friendly etc. (I think it was on one of the money expert pages). I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and efficient the whole process has been from L&C’s side. My Adviser was extremely helpful, patient and most importantly very proactive. We were getting updates from him as soon as there was a new development and he explained everything into detail for us - outstanding customer focus. I will 100% recommend L&C to my friends. My case manager was also very responsive, polite, helpful etc. Keep up the excellent work!
Miss J G, Yorkshire
As first time buyers we had very little understanding of how to go about applying for a mortgage. Our Adviser was so helpful in cutting through all of the formalities and helping us to decide which mortgage would be best for us, whilst our Case Manager ensured we collated all the details needed and kept us up to date on progress. The process of finding the right house was very stressful but the process of choosing and applying for the mortgage and life cover has been so straight forward that, at times, we were worried it was all a bit too smooth! Thank you for guiding us through this so professionally and with real understanding and personality.
Mr & Mrs A Alder
I have worked in the mortgage industry for 15 years and have dealt with various lenders, solicitors and brokers. I am CeMAP, CeRGI, CSP and CeRCC qualified so when I say that the service I have received from my Adviser and Case Manager has been nothing short of elite, I mean it. L&C are simply the 'one stop shop' and not only will I use them again (immediately as it happens), I will recommend to my customers that they do the same”.
Miss M M, Birmingham
I am very grateful to L & C for helping me successfully switch from an interest only to a repayment mortgage. From the very beginning of my application, L & C was most helpful and supportive answering my queries and concerns quickly and in plain English! Just to give you a little background, I had previously attempted to re-mortgage through a fee charging broker, only to be advised that there were no lenders willing to lend to me and I'd have to wait at least a year to see if the market changed. As I'm sure you could appreciate, that left me feeling pretty anxious about how I was going to deal with repaying over £100,000 with less than 15 years remaining on the term. Despite having an excellent credit rating and having never missed a payment. One day I was sat at home and the advert for L & C Mortgages came up. It seemed inviting, non-judgemental and what appeared to be an easy application process to assess if I was eligible to apply for a re-mortgage. I logged onto the website, followed the clear and easy instructions. To my delight I was advised that over 50 lenders were prepared to lend to me based on the information I'd input! I was then contacted by an adviser who was very supportive and willing to answer my questions every step of the way. My new repayment mortgage completed and I'm over the moon about it! From being told 6 months ago that the prospect of getting a repayment mortgage was bleak, to today where I'm actually looking forward to my next mortgage payment, is a great feeling!
Miss L L, Nottingham
The level of customer service is outstanding, my adviser went above and beyond and dealt with all the stresses involved in finding a mortgage lender. Not only did he find me the best deal, he also consistently kept me updated and managed to get a preapproval within 1 day, amazing! I never felt so relaxed, he reassured me he would do whatever possible to ensure I can get the house of my dreams and that he did. It’s often easy for people to leave negative feedback, but I wanted to make you aware that you have one of the best brokers on your team and will certainly recommend him moving forward.
Mr H R & Mrs G A, Burton-On-Trent
At the beginning, I didn't think I could trust a service which is provided through the phone and online mainly. However I found out that the service provided is as good as the one you can get from a person to person adviser which will charge you between 500 to 900 pounds and and with L & C you get the same for free. I feel really satisfied.
Mr Z H, Essex
Amazing the whole process has been a pleasure especially the pleasant staff force have been very helpful. The online systems and tracking is brilliant lightyears ahead of other companies I have used or enquired with. The fact that my Adviser was working late shift some days so I was able to sort out my mortgage out of work hours and speak to her. All round pleasant and efficient process I have referred 4 friends and family members already and I was a referral from a friend
Mr S & Mrs T M, Rochford
I called L&C because you are independent and fee free and as such I potentially expected slightly less from the service but I was so impressed with every aspect of your service from the initial contact and product offering to the ease of information gathering the online information the open communication right through to what was a speedy hassle free completion. Both my adviser and case manager were excellent they delivered everything fast and effectively answered all my questions alleviated all my concerns these guys were awesome. I've already been telling people how good L&C are unfortunately none of them are looking for a mortgage right now but I told them anyway and we'll be back when ours comes up for sure.
Mr N H, Warwick
Your online data capture form is by far the best form I have ever filled out; so easy and accessible. The guys who put this together should be proud. Its brilliant!”
Miss L D, Durham
Your Adviser was exceptional I thought I had no hope of remortgage due to the debt I'd got into. He took so much time getting me the correct deal and his customer service was outstanding.
Mr A R & Ms N S, Ashton-Under-Lyne
From the first phone call and e-mails everyone clearly knew what they were on about, experts. This made me confident in their advice & the company. Amazing service - made the whole process easy!
Mr P & Mrs S T, Christchurch
L&C were used about 12 years ago. I was very impressed then, and this time the service and responsiveness was equally as good, and I would use L&Cs services again without question.
Miss R O & Mr D, Sailsbury
Love that it is fee free. Love the online functionality, adviser has been fantastic and so has our case manager. Whole process has been quick and efficient despite it being a tricky case.
Mr P B and Miss J C, Eastbourne
Absolutely flawless service, makes these significant decisions easier and less stressful
Mr J and Mrs R C, Oldham
Our Adviser has today - quite literally - saved our purchase and kept our chain going. He's intervened on more than one occasion, getting involved to sort out problems created by other people that were nothing to do with L&C but rolling his sleeves up and getting things back on track for us. He became my 'go-to person' every time I was presented with an issue and when there seemed like there was no way forward - and every single time he's managed to sort it out. We were in the awful position of having to do a simultaneous exchange and completion on our sale, due to our buyer's mortgage expiring. Our solicitor threw a last minute spanner in the works and it looked like everything was going to fall through. He got the L&C BDM involved, pulled strings with the lender and got things through - even when everyone else said there was no chance of us succeeding. My estate agent has been hugely impressed and is now recommending L&C as the preferred mortgage broker for their business. It's completely down to him that I am about to collect our keys for our new house in the morning. I simply don't have the words to express just how grateful I am to him, for going above and beyond for us again and again. I can only say 'thank you' and that if there is an award or bonus then he deserves it. I am not exaggerating when I say that we could not have done this without him.
Miss B L & Mr C N, Warminster
Very helpful and easy process. Everyone I spoke to was always really helpful and took time to explain everything to me which made the whole process much less stressful. Thank you.
Mr & Mrs G A, Shrewsbury
As a middle class family every single penny counts. Thank you on helping us save our money and enjoy this coming Christmas. Your genuine support helped us thru this stressful time. Me and my husband was so worried but you always reassured us. I hope you and your family will have a lovely Christmas. Again thank you for all your help.
Ms L S, Norwich
Such a great service from start to finish. I have never used a broker before but if anyone I know needs one I will 100% recommend contacting yourselves thank you
Mrs F & Mr M H, Portsmouth
Very quick and smooth process, much easier than previous experiences where I've dealt directly with the lender. Would highly recommend
Ms K F & Mr S D, London
Our adviser has been excellent, we had a job change during our purchase process and our adviser was able to advise on the risks. She also found us another provider when the initial provider's rules would have prevented us taking the new job (due to probation period). Overall very satisfied.
Mrs S J, Bath
A fantastic service - truly outstanding I only wish I had discovered L & C earlier. Keep up the great service.
Mrs B & Mr N R, Clevedon
Your Adviser was brilliant he explained things clearly, kept us updated, resolved any queries quickly and we've saved over £300 on our mortgage. Thank you
Mrs J & Mr B B, Newbury
Very friendly and helpful service from the very first time I contacted L & C through to getting our mortgage offer. You out performed my bank of nearly 30 years! Thank you for making our dream home a reality.
Miss Z Y & Mr M W, London
The speed at which our adviser was able to get our mortgage in principal to us was impressive, it meant we got our offer in first and ultimatley got our house thanks.
Mr C and Mrs A S, London
Very pleased with my Adviser and Case Manager. I found them both attentive and friendly - no sales pressure. I have had many mortgages in the past and only went through to a broker because Atom Bank required it, but I'm glad I did as it made things very easy.
Mr C B & Miss M D, Bramcote
Brilliant communication with staff, very patient with product choices, knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic. Plus fee free can't lose.
Miss D K, London
I highly recommend L & C and bless the day that my friend recommended then to me! I am very happy with the advice, help and support that I have received with remortgaging my house. Thank you all very much indeed.
Mr A M, Frome
The entire process has been well managed. Our Adviser at the outset worked out our requirements and met them - he assisted by also completing the application form. The mortgage tracker (application) and our Casemanagers prompt acknowledgement of receipt of documents - and the successful end result. We knew from previous experience it would be good and so it was this time too!!
Miss H Smith, Newquay
L & C take all the hard work out of looking for a mortgage, as they have access to so many different mortgages. Very trustworthy.
Mr & Mrs G, Cricklade
I approached L&C in quite a state. Our existing mortgage provider was refusing to lend on the property we had our hearts set on, due to its condition. After several weeks of appeals and time-wasting, I searched the internet for an independent broker. I selected L&C after reading very positive reviews, the fact that the service was free of charge to us and that there is a branch in nearby Bath should we be required to call in. Within a day, we were presented with a choice of lenders who would be prepared to provide a mortgage and shortly thereafter an offer was made by Santander. The whole process has been smooth, relatively hassle free (better than would normally be expected at what is always a stressful time) and the level of communication and responsiveness to our needs has been outstanding. Huge thanks to our adviser for guiding us through the initial stages and finding us a mortgage, and to our case manager for managing our case.
Ms M A & Mr R R, Banbury
we were delighted with the friendly and efficient advice we received at every stage of the process, especially when things didn't go to plan (through no fault of L & C)
Ms C P & Mr T C, Penistone
We were very impressed with L & C's ability to source us a mortgage that met our rather awkward needs (wanting 5 year fixed term when one of us is on a fixed term contact and the other is on shift work with variable pay month to month). Thank you
Mr and Mrs B, Mid Glamorgan
Fantastic all round service. This is the third time in 10 years we have used you, we wouldn't go anywhere else
Miss R and Mr M, Uxbridge
Fantastic! We are really happy with the support Jamie and Jordan provided. As first time buyers, they made the process simple and easy to understand. They were efficient, kept us up to date and were easy to contact. We are really happy with our experience from L&C
Mr & Mrs A K, London
My adviser was fantastic. He has a no-nonsense approach which reflects a commercially astute mind. He came to me with a solution catered exactly to the issue I had, and actually over delivered on the target timeline. He is an absolute asset to L &C, and is probably the best broker I have dealt with. Ultimately L&C must leverage the relationship it has with its lenders to produce such fast turnarounds, but I am sure my Adviser's work sped this process along. I do like your online/SMS based tracking system- it works very well. The fact that L&C picked up the phone to me whenever they needed something was an added bonus, as however good any online system is, there is nothing like a good old fashioned phone call. A big thank you from my wife and I we will be back at your door at our next remortgage, and will be sure to refer potential clients to you. 8 working days to to turnaround a residential mortgage? I am actually speechless! Thanks again to the team.
Mr S B and Mrs L B, St. Austell
We have used L & C for our mortgages and life cover 4 times over the last 10 years or so. Always pleased with the service and easy process
Mr and Mrs B, Westgate-on-Sea
Everything is done over the phone or email which is very helpful to working families with children trying to find time to fit these things in. Our adviser was very helpful in both the remortgage and finding a better term to our insurance
Mrs B V and Mr D V, Frome
Our adviser was excellent. Always on the phone, helping and answering relevant (mostly blonde) questions. I felt that I did hardly any work with the process and it was all very relaxed. And unbelievably free of charge.
Ms P & Mr B, Aylesbury
Our L & C adviser was very thorough in his approach, very efficient service throughout. Thank you for all your help and being so proactive chasing third parties where appropriate. The case manager also did an excellent job and was very efficient
Miss R, London
I can't fault my experience. As a first time buyer everything was explained to me clearly and the speed at which the mortgage offer came through was very impressive. Our adviser and case manager were brilliant
Mr G H & Mrs H H, Milton Keynes
Our L & C adviser continues to be really helpful and it makes it so much easier having one person who really knows my situation so I don't have to explain everything everytime. He's been looking after us for years.
Mr and Mrs T V, Tonbridge
Truly excellent, my personal circumstances are slightly complicated but L & C was able to quickly find a lender who wasn't led by a computer answer
Mr K G & M S K, Peterborough
L & C is really helpful in finding the right mortgage. Since we are not UK nationals, L & C have reviewed our case/visa status and advised us the best lender among the others. So far the whole process has gone so smooth and easy. Hope we continue our journey with you in the future as well. Thank you so much.
Mrs L S, Gillingham
As head of global c/s finding a company who makes it so easy to deal with is rare. Great offers, advisers and general service you should be proud of your business model and also your team who delivers it ... well done
Miss R E, Preston
May I start this compliment by advising that I work in a professional customer service field, and I don't often feel the need to put pen to paper, but on this occasion I feel that it should be noted that your Adviser has gone the extra mile. Your Adviser worked with me for a long period of time in which I had experienced several disappointments whereby my purchase and sales had fallen through. During this stressful time, he was supportive and helped me move on to the next steps, he was able to display a wealth of knowledge, and talk me through different mortgage options in a clear and concise way. At times I didn't understand some of the things that were raised, and he was able to talk me through things in a way that was not condescending. On the back of the work that he has done, I will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family. He was amazingly helpful, great at coming back to me when he said he would and did not sound frustrated when things didn't proceed. 10 out of 10 for customer service.
Mr M T and Mrs A B, London
I am not too keen nor comfortable only having to deal on the phone, was greatly surprised that the process was smooth and felt comfortable in dealing with my Adviser. The level of his expert advice and guidance, his approach made it possible to discuss openly about all financial matters. A big thank you and appreciation to L & C
Mr & Mrs D W, Skipton
L & C were able to offer/find a mortgage not available on the lenders website which was fantastic. Plus the amount we could borrow was slightly more than we could find elsewhere.
Mr D A, Aberystwyth
I personally have found that L & C are top of their game!! The speed and level of knowledge and assistance to gain a mortgage has been first class. I have already given verbal referrals to 2 people, indicating that you should be used!
Mr and Mrs W, Wrexham
Our Adviser offered fantastic advice highly professional and motivated! We secured a mortgage to suit our needs we required a swift agreement to secure our property as it is a repossession property. We are thrilled with our home.
Miss J E & Mr L C, Gillingham
Both adviser and case manager were very knowledgeable, both explained everything in great detail so I understood exactly what was happening. The whole service completely exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend! My father actually recommended you as he has remortgaged through you twice with good success.
Miss B, Walsall
I am so glad I called L&C. I honestly did not know where to begin in obtaining my first mortgage, but for a service that is free of charge and hassle free, I'm telling everyone about the good that you do in the world! I have organised both my mortgage and life insurance through you. Thank you
Mr and Mrs M, Fareham
We have used L & C services for many years, when recommended on the Martin Lewis website. Each time the service has been outstanding, and for us convenient, as no house/office meetings, all done via phone or electronically suiting us as we work full time, not locally and my husband has a shift pattern to manage. Times contacted suited us and our lifestyle. As for the mortgage advice and guidance it was excellent. Thank you L & C
Mr B, Caister-On-Sea
I've never changed my mortgage before, couldn't believe how easy it was, with thanks to L & C.
Mr & Mrs S, Nottingham
Quick response to any queries - excellent, I was only recommended products that I could easily obtain which was good as it took the uncertainty away.
Mr & Mrs J, Cheshire
My adviser got me a better rate at 0.99% than i had previously agreed. This and his overall professionalism exceeded my expectations.
Mrs B, Trowbridge
I think you provide an excellent service, focusing on what is right for the customer.
Mr G & Miss R, London
Our Adviser has been fantastic throughout, very responsive, honest and extremely friendly. He went out of his way on more than one occasion to help. Took control and accountability when we needed specific help, superb customer service.
Miss T, Shropshire
The personal touch and friendliness of all advisers coupled with efficiency and knowledge is the perfect combination
Ms T, Basingstoke
Our adviser was fantastic and made the process so simple and painless. We went from offer to exchange in 4 weeks!
JS Hungerford
Absolutely amazing service! My Adviser guided me from having one default and 2 arrangement to pay on my credit file, to challenging all 3 successfully and getting them removed, to getting a mortgage at a fantastic rate!!! very very very pleased.
Miss O, Buxton
I was very impressed by the speed of service. At the same time, I didn't feel rushed or pressured, the adviser answered and explained anything I asked. This, along with no fee, to me are very important.
Mrs G, Waltham Abbey
We have used L&C now for 10 years. You have always made life easier for us in mortgage switching. We would not hesistate to use you again.
Mr S, Chichester
I wanted to approach you and tell you about a recent service I had from one of your advisers. I have been working with him for a number of years doing fairly straight forward mortgages. He has always been very professional and the service very good. More recently I asked him to help me with what should have been a fairly simple purchase. However halfway through the deal the chain collapsed. In order to achieve our dreams I needed to pull together a complex set of part exchanges, re-mortgages and mortgages. As a result we needed to execute against 3 simultaneous mortgages in a complex set of circumstances. Once he finally understood the complexity he went well beyond what I would expect speaking to underwriters and applying excellent administration to the whole process. Out of everything that needed to happen the funding of the purchase was actually the smoothest part. This is down to his professionalism and diligence. We are now in our dream home and his role in that is something I will remember for a long time. Well done for a great business and thank you very much.
Mr W, Exeter
I was very happy with the service I received to find and secure a mortgage that was suited to my needs for my first buy-to-let property
Miss F, London
This is the 4th time I've used London & Country and I believe it's the best, easiest service yet.
Miss B, London
It was great that I could speak to an advisor on Sunday, and that all communication was either by phone or email, which meant I didn't have to take time off from work to see an advisor
Mr G, Birmingham
It was not just the Quality of Service I was impressed with, it was also having an Advisor and Case Manager who were both extremely helpful, responsive and excellent communicators. The Case Tracking website was invaluable, it kept me up to date and was informative. Most importantly, I could not possibly have searched for the right mortgage product for me in the time scale that I had, this has been a hassle free experience. Thank you.
Mr K, Harpenden
I was also very happy with the quality of service - great advice & personal service. My adviser even phoned me up to get our mortgage application in when he found out at really short notice that the product was being withdrawn
Mr R, Glossop
Extremely competent and responsive outfit, with every question answered and thoughtfully handled - I will certainly recommend London & Country Mortgages to any friends and family thinking about moving home. Thank you
Mr B, Chesterfield
Your knowledge and expertise was second to none regarding what mortgage would suit us and our situation, as my partner is self employed we have struggled when talking to mortgage companies in the past. Your customer care is also of a very high standard, regular emails updating us on progress, helping with paperwork and getting relevant information across etc. I will have no problem recommending you to my friends and colleagues. Thank you once again for an excellent service.
Miss K, Oldham
This is the second time we have used L&C as we were so impressed last time. Yet again we haven't been able to fault them. Our adviser has been particularly helpful, going out of his way to answer queries and I have been able to send emails knowing that I will get a very prompt response. I have never had to chase up a lack of reply. Having that one point of contact from the start is so useful. Our solicitor could learn a thing or two from your service!
Mr K, Bristol
This is the 4th time that we have used L&C and once again it appears we have landed on our feet with a deal that I would never have had the time or ability to have found!
Mr B, Westcliff-on-Sea
Very impressed with the quality of advice and inter-actions. As a very busy professional in a demanding job I did not feel my time was being wasted at any point - focused and efficient!
Mr W, Winchester
Our adviser has been exemplary! He 'cleared the fog' for me several times when I was confused! He kept me updated at all times and was patient. An absolute credit to your business in my opinion. Professional, sense of humour and no false promises. 10/10
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