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Whether you’re looking to switch to a better deal, coming to the end of your existing mortgage term, or want to borrow money against your property, a remortgage could be the solution for you.

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If this is the first time you’re looking to remortgage, it can be a little confusing. How do you remortgage a house? When do you do it? And how does a remortgage work? We’re here to help you navigate the process with helpful tips and advice.

Why choose L&C for your remortgage?

L&C could save you time and hassle whether you’re remortgaging your home or a property that’s let out. We’ll compare your existing lender’s deal to 1000s of other deals from over 90 lenders and make it easy for you to find your best remortgage deal in just a few simple steps.

All you need to get started is to give us some information about yourself and your mortgage needs, which you can submit online using our Mortgage Finder, or over the phone if you’d prefer. We’ll then search thousands of mortgages from trusted lenders on your behalf, to help you find the best deal you’re eligible for. And don’t forget, our mortgage advisers are on hand to provide you with all the fee free advice you need.

Once we’ve found the right deal for you and you’ve submitted your application, we’ll support you through the mortgage process from start to finish, from help with the paperwork to chasing things up. You’ll also be able to track your application online 24/7 or over the phone seven days a week.

What else should I know?

We know you’ll probably have lots of questions about remortgaging. From “how to remortgage my house?” to “what information do I need?” we’ve answered some common questions below and in our handy guides. If you still have questions, or want support with the remortgaging process, just get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

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There are many different reasons why someone would look to remortgage - and we’re here to help with expert advice, at every step of your journey.

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Remortgage FAQs

What is a remortgage?

A remortgage is when you move your mortgage on your existing property from one lender to another, or change to a new deal with your current lender. There are a variety of reasons you might do this, but it’s most common when homeowners are coming to the end of their current mortgage deal. It’s always worth shopping around for a good deal on your property remortgage, rather than just staying with your existing lender. Timing is important too, as once you reach the end of your deal, you’ll be switched to their Standard Variable Rate – and that means you could end up paying more interest. Some people also choose to remortgage in the middle of their mortgage deal in order to switch to a better rate. If you do this, you may be subject to Early Repayment Charges, but we can help you work out whether now is the right time to remortgage. Another reason some owners will want to remortgage their property is if they’re looking to borrow more money against it, for example to fund home improvements.

When should I remortgage?

If you want to remortgage your house or flat, timing is everything. Switch too early and you may be subject to Early Repayment Charges on your current mortgage which will reduce any benefits of cheaper mortgage deals – but leave it too late and you could find yourself paying over the odds. Getting a new deal in place before your existing mortgage deal expires can avoid you paying an expensive Standard Variable Rate. It’s a good idea to start thinking about your next mortgage deal 6 months from your end date and some lenders will even let you ‘lock in’ to a new deal at this time.

How much can I borrow on a remortgage?

The amount you can borrow on a remortgage will depend on both your income and how much equity you have in the property. Although many people just look to switch their mortgage over to a better deal it can also be a good time to raise additional money for things such as home improvements. You can get an idea of how much you could borrow on a remortgage and what it might cost by using our online Mortgage Finder.