Sustainability at L&C

At L&C we believe in supporting our customers and people in making more sustainable choices and that our organisation should leave a positive, sustainable legacy - improving our world for now and the future.

Supporting our customers and people to be more sustainable

Find out more about green mortgages, retrofitting and what L&C is doing to be more sustainable.

Green Mortgages

Green mortgages reward those who either buy energy efficient properties, or make energy saving improvements to their homes, by offering discounted mortgage rates or cashback.

With 1 in 5 UK homeowners looking to make environmentally sustainable improvements to their property within the next year, green mortgages, which are often 0.1% or 0.15% below the lenders standard could be an interesting option.

Growing numbers of lenders are offering green mortgages, which can be either fixed or variable rate deals and new products are regularly becoming available.

How to get a green mortgage?

The lender will specify what Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating is required to be eligible for a green mortgage product or which home improvements will qualify - usually improvements include double glazing, solar panels or installing a more energy-efficient boiler.

L&C has access to over 1000’s of deals in the market, including many green mortgages, so speak to an expert adviser to understand whether you could be eligible.


In the UK, 21% of all carbon emissions produced are from our homes.

That's why all new homes and buildings in the UK are now required to meet higher energy efficiency standards and produce less CO2 emissions by adapting strategies to minimise energy consumption and lower their environmental impact.

However, to successfully reduce the impact of housing on the UK's carbon footprint, we need to retrofit the UK's existing housing stock. Retrofitting is making improvements to a home in order to improve it's energy efficiency including installing loft insulation or solar panels.

27 million homes in the UK must be retrofitted to be successful and achieve the UK’s Net Zero Carbon commitment by 2050 - this equates to retrofitting over 1 million homes per year.

Importantly technology already exists to reduce the carbon footprint of homes but the cost of the technology or energy efficiency measures can be high and Government funding isn't always available.

At L&C we want to support customers better understand their retrofitting options – we’re in the process of rolling out training on retrofitting and working closely with lenders to make sure we can have positive conversations with our customers.

What is L&C doing to become sustainable?

L&C’s Sustainability Mission is to positively impact the world around us and deliver a more sustainable future for L&C employees and customers, starting now.

Whilst L&C has always had one eye on sustainability, it wasn’t until 2023 that big changes occurred. Last year saw significant improvements to L&C's sustainability credentials, and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, we have already committed to offset our carbon footprint, we rallied together to create our first Sustainability Team and held our first Sustainability Week in November 2023 and agreed to have an ambitious commitment to become Net Zero by 2030 - to name a few changes.

We’re also trying to make positive change to our local environment with regular litter picks in both our Bath and Newcastle offices, and from November 2023 to April 2024, we’ve dedicated 40 people hours and collected 30 bags full of rubbish already!

But we won't stop there, in 2024 we’re committing to and delivering more. Keep checking back for more details.

Why are we passionate about #ChangeOneThing?

We understand that people want to be more sustainable and we all feel like there are more actions that we can and should do – but change needs to be accessible and achievable.

So, we created the #ChangeOneThing campaign across L&C during Sustainability Week to support our colleagues and spread the message that each one of us can make an impact, and we shouldn’t need deep pockets to make a difference.

By changing just one thing, it shouldn’t feel overwhelming or impossible and it could be a catalyst to change more or inspire those around us, people can do great things in massive numbers.

Not sure where to start and want to join us on our #ChangeOneThing mission? Start simple, grab a reusable coffee cup, a canvas bag or a water bottle next time you leave the house. Take soft plastics and crisp packets to a recycling point or even try your hand at a vegetarian or vegan meal.

Start small and let it be your catalyst for change.


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Where can I find green mortgage rates?

We recommend speaking to an expert adviser who can review green mortgage products in the market to find the best green mortgage for you. They’ll also check across 1000’s of deals on the market to make sure it’s the best deal for you – all completely fee free.

Who do I speak to about green mortgages or retrofitting?

Speak to an expert adviser who’ll be available to answer any questions. Get started in the Mortgage Finder.

What’s an EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. You must have one by law if you’re selling or letting out a property. The certificate gives a rating for the property’s energy efficiency on a scale of A to G. Properties rated A are the most energy efficient, whereas those rated G are the least energy efficient. You can find out your EPC on the EPC register, or if you live in Scotland the Scottish EPC register.

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