How much will my mortgage cost?

One of the most common (and sensible) questions we get asked is How much will my mortgage cost? It’s a good question, because your mortgage is probably going to be your biggest outgoing each month and it’s important to know that what you want to do is affordable both now and in the future. Our mortgage cost calculator is quick and easy to use so you can find out the cost of your mortgage in seconds.
Simply adjust the following to calculate your mortgage costs:
  • The amount you want to borrow
  • The interest rate
  • The number of years you wish to borrow the money over
The calculator will display your monthly mortgage cost based on the figures you provide, and help you plan your monthly budget.
What will my monthly mortgage payments be?
We've calculated this from our average customer
Loans are typically over 25 years, so we've defaulted to that for you
We've defaulted to a value we think is realistic
Enter the values above to calculate how much your mortgage will cost
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Important information
We've put this calculator together to help you get an idea of what your mortgage is likely to cost, however the rates and figures shown are for illustrative purposes and realistically the rate you pay will change during your chosen mortgage term. Before taking any mortgage out you should get a personalised illustration showing the full costs and charges, and if you have any questions on this please speak to your adviser.
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