Advantages of using a mortgage broker

Advantages of using a mortgage broker
Let’s face it, if you’re buying a home or remortgaging, the huge choice of mortgages available can seem bewildering. Should you go for a fixed rate deal, a variable rate deal, or an offset mortgage? And how much will you be able to afford?

That’s where using a mortgage broker can really help. Not only will they be able to tell you what size mortgage you’re likely to get based on your income and outgoings, but they can also give you expert advice on the right mortgage for you. A broker has access to loads of different mortgages too – including some which you might not be able find anywhere else – saving you the time and hassle of approaching lots of individual lenders to see what they offer.

Another benefit of using a broker is that they will have plenty of experience in dealing with various lenders, so they’ll be able to help push things along if there are any delays, ensuring that your application is processed as quickly as possible.

Some brokers will ask you to pay a fee for their time whilst they also receive commission from the lender. But by using a fee-free broker such as L&C, you won’t have to pay as we only receive payment in commission from the lenders and not from you.

Mortgage brokers are specially trained and qualified to give you the best advice possible and good brokers aren’t just here to advise on your mortgage alone. Brokers will usually be able to recommend life insurance and competitive buildings insurance, so that you’re fully protected.

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