Local community feel among homebuyers’ top priorities

Local community feel among homebuyers’ top priorities
Good traffic links and nearby scenic walks are top of homebuyers’ wish lists, according to new L&C research, with takeaway delivery services and access to Uber cabs a much lower priority.

More than 620 adults were interviewed by Opinium Research on behalf of L&C to find out what they consider most important when looking to buy a home.

Nearly half (41%) of those questioned said that having good traffic links such as access to bus and train stations was important to them, whilst 38% said that pleasant local scenery and access to scenic walks was a priority.

Community matters

A third of people (31%), equivalent to around 16m people, said that a local community feel was important to them when considering whether to buy a property.

David Hollingworth, spokesman for L&C, said: “The fact a local community feel was revealed as a priority may come as a surprise to some, especially to those living in big cities. It can feel as though, with the modern pace of life, a sense of community is a thing of the past – but our research shows that people value it highly in the place they are looking to call home; the need to feel a sense of connection and that they belong to the local community can’t be underestimated.

“Independent shops, restaurants and cafes, a local park and good pub all featured as desirable amenities which will no doubt contribute to people’s feeling of community in the local area and a sense of belonging.”

Only 1% of people said that having access to the cab service Uber or popular takeaway services was important to them.

Reasons people move

More than six out 10 people (62%) said that a rise in crime would trigger them to move home because it might devalue their property.

Around half (52%) said that an increase in noise pollution or noisy neighbours would prompt them to put their property up for sale, whilst a similar number (48%) said that a refuse dump opening nearby would encourage them to move.

Nearly a third of people (30%) said that local green land being developed into a housing estate would cause them to move.

Future priorities

When asked to consider what their priorities might be if purchasing a home in five years’ time, over a quarter (27%) said a sense of local community would be their most important factor.

A similar number (29%) said that a good Wi-Fi connection would be important if buying a property in 2024, whilst 27% prioritised scenic areas. A fifth of those questioned (20%) said that electric vehicle charging points would be a priority in years to come, up from 4% who see this as important now.

Access to travel links remains at the top spot, with 37% saying that this would be the most important factor for them if buying a home in five years’ time.

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