6 surprising things that affect your house value

6 surprising things that affect your house value
If you're selling your home you'll want to get the best price possible, but there could be things you aren't even aware of that are affecting its value.
Here we reveal six surprising things that could affect your property's price.

1. Bad neighbours
Living next door to a nightmare neighbour? Be prepared for this to seriously affect your property value. Messy or noisy neighbours can slash up to £31,000 off the price of the average home, says Halifax Home insurance.

2. Supermarket sweep
Your local supermarket can also affect the value of your home. If your property is close to a Waitrose, this can add a whopping £38,666 to its value, according to research by Lloyds Bank, whereas living near to an Iceland is likely to boost the price by £20,034.

3. A spooky history
One in five people are put off a property if they know someone has died there, research by Skipton Building Society found, while 45% of people said they would immediately disregard any properties over 46 years old altogether.

4. Education matters
If your local school has a bad OFSTED report, or you're nowhere near a suitable school, this can potentially knock thousands off your property price. Do some swotting up on the educational opportunities around your home if you're wondering why a valuation is lower than you expected.

5. Bold colour schemes
That bright orange sitting room might float your boat, but strong colours are likely to put off many homebuyers if they think they are going to have to spend a fortune redecorating. Always stick to neutral colours which will appeal to the majority of people.

6. It's all in a name
The street name where your property is situated can have a big impact on your home's value, according to property website Zoopla. It says average property prices on streets that start with U command the highest prices, but those beginning with the letter Z have the lowest property values.

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