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Apply for a self-employed mortgage with L&C

Work for yourself and worry about getting a mortgage? Getting a self-employed mortgage doesn’t have to be difficult with our help. Here at L&C, we’ve got all the specialist knowledge you need to ensure you get the best self-employed mortgage.

Our expert advisers are on hand to talk you through all the available options, and to support you through the application process. Our service won’t cost you a penny, so get in touch with us now to find the right mortgage for you.

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Finding the best self-employed mortgage deal

Mortgages for self-employed people work in just the same way as any other mortgage, but the process can be a bit trickier if you work for yourself. That’s because if you’re self-employed, you might not always have a stable regular income, so lenders tend to be a bit more cautious.

Here at L&C, we can advise you on exactly what sort of documents and paperwork a lender will need to see before they can offer you a mortgage. Don’t assume if you’ve only recently decided to go it alone that you won’t be able to get a self-employed mortgage. Although most lenders will want to see at least two years proof of earnings, some only require one.

Self-employed mortgage FAQs

What will I need to provide for a self-employed mortgage?

Lenders will want to see proof of your identity and your current address, along with paperwork confirming your earnings, such as your certified accounts or self-assessment forms (SA302s), along with bank statements showing your income and outgoings.

How do you prove income for a mortgage when self-employed?

Lenders will usually ask for your SA302 forms for the last two or three years as proof of your income. This is the self-assessment form that shows how much income was declared to HMRC and how much tax you paid.

Do self-employed people have to pay higher mortgage rates?

No, self-employed people pay the same mortgages rates as those who are in full or part-time employment.