How we're paid

When people hear for the first time that we’re fee free, they often think there’s a catch.

Many that have used a different mortgage adviser or broker in the past have been used to paying the broker a fee, which could have been between £250-£3,272* based on our average mortgage size.

After all, you don’t get something for nothing and a business has to make money somehow.

With L&C, you really won’t pay a fee.

*Based on 1.5% of our typical loan amount as at April 2024

Here's how we earn our income:

Like all other brokers, we receive a payment from the lender when the mortgage completes. The difference is that unlike other mortgage brokers, we simply choose not to charge our customers a fee on top of this.

You’ll pay no more applying through us than you would going directly to the lender on the same deal – but we’ll also handle the entire process for you - from time to time we even have exclusive deals that wouldn’t be available directly from the lender so you may be able to save more money.

We also offer a couple of optional services such as conveyancing and life cover. If you choose to use our conveyancing service, you’ll pay a fee to the conveyancer and we’ll receive an introductory fee from them.

With the optional life cover, we’ll receive a commission payment from the cover provider, and we’ll never load your premiums in order to take a larger share.

We always try to do the very best for our customers (more of our customer’s mortgage applications are approved than any other broker we know of) and this means that we get paid by the lender more often – meaning there’s really no need for us to charge our customers!

So, in a nutshell, we save you time. We save you hassle. And we save you money. We also commit to finding the very best mortgage deal for you so that you’ll want to tell your friends and family about us.