L&C's Rate Check promise

Secure a deal now and we'll perform a check of your chosen lender's rates automatically after about 4 weeks and let you know what we find.

And if things change, such as: your circumstances, property prices or interest rates, we can even check the whole market again - just ask your adviser.

If there's a better deal for your circumstances, we can swap your deal during the process if it's right for your situation.

Fee free since 1999

How Rate Check works

After you secure a mortgage deal through us, we'll automatically re-check your chosen lender for a better rate after about 4 weeks and let you know either way if you've still got the best deal or if there's a better one for you.  

Check deals from across the market

You can ask for a review of the full market at any time during the process - of course, the closer you get to your completion date, particularly if you're changing lenders, you may prefer to stick with your existing deal or lender rather than risk delaying completion by having to start over.

Is there a charge?


L&C's advice and service is fee free so even though we'll be working harder than other brokers might, we still won't charge you a fee.

We want to do the right thing for you, whatever it takes.

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