What the papers said about the Buy to Let market and Japanese Knotweed

What the papers said about the Buy to Let market and Japanese Knotweed
There was some good news for landlords this weekend, with the Times reporting on a significant increase in the number of deals available within the Buy to Let market over the last two years, particularly for first time landlords.

A tightening in regulations combined with tax changes may have dented investor confidence, but lenders are still keen to attract business, and borrowers are benefiting from record low rates at the moment.

The Sunday Times reported on further potential changes to the market however, with new Government plans that could see the introduction of minimum 3-year tenancies. The majority of tenants are currently on 6-12 month contracts, and the new plans are designed to provide security for both landlords and those renting. Many lenders also now allow tenancies for more than a year, which should make it easier for landlords.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph highlighted some new research by the University of Leeds, which suggests that the much talked about Japanese Knotweed may not be as damaging as first thought, or at least no more damaging than other plants found in close proximity to a property.

Experts stressed that lenders are unlikely to change their rules in the immediate future however, and will continue to be cautious, but it is possible that criteria could evolve with further research.

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