L&C Mortgage Ratewatch

Higher inflation is now leading to speculation that there may be a need for interest rates to increase.

David Hollingworth
November 1, 2021
L&C Mortgage Ratewatch

Mortgage rates have been at an unprecedented low in recent months, perhaps unsurprising given the fact that the Bank of England Base Rate has never been lower. But higher inflation is now leading to speculation that there may be a need for that to change. The expectation of a Bank of England Base Rate rise coming sooner than previously anticipated is feeding into the cost of funding for lenders. That is now being reflected in fixed rates which are already beginning to increase and some of the very lowest rates are being nudged up. To help customers keep track of lender moves, L&C’s Ratewatch will keep you posted on the movers in the market. Check back here for more details or follow us on Twitter @landc To see how you could benefit from reviewing your mortgage check out our new online calculator..

Latest Rate Moves

29 Nov

HSBC increased all their remortgage sub-75% fixed rates, and reduced their 85%-90% purchase rates

30 Nov

Digital withdrew all their 80% and their 2-year 85% rates, and reduced their high LTV ratesVirgin Money increased a selection of their sub-75% rates. West Brom cut their 90% and 95% rates and launched new 75% remortgage dealsClydesdale increased a selection of 75% 5 year fixed rates

24 Nov

NatWest increased all 2 yrand 5 yr rates up to 75%, and reduced a number of higher LTV rates

23 Nov

Monmouthshire BS withdrew their 75% 2 year fixed rates – including the last sub-1% fix for new business on the marketScottish Widows increased their remortgage rates at 60% and 75% Nottingham BS reduced their 5 year 95% fixed rateAccord increased rates on a selection of their lower LTV products, but reduced some rates at higher LTVs

19 Nov

Principality cut their 2 and 5 year 95% fixed ratesCoventry increased a selection of their 2 year fixed rates, and withdrew all of their 10 year fixed rates

17 Nov

Virgin Money increased most of their sub-75% ratesTSB cut their 90% 2 and 5 year deals, and increased some of their other 5 year fixes

16 Nov

Clydesdale increasedtheir residentialand Buy to Letrates.

15 Nov

Halifax improved their high LTV purchase rates and their 60% and 75% remortgage ratesSkipton increased almost all of their 2 and 5 year fixed rates Platform improved their high LTV rates

12 Nov

TSB reduced their 95% ratesAccord cut their 75% 10 year fixes, and a selection of rates up to 95%.

11 Nov

NatWest increased all their sub 75% rates.

10 Nov

Coventry withdrew most of their 50% rates and increased their 65% and 75% fixesClydesdale withdrew their lowest fixed rates

9 Nov

Digital increased their 2and 5 yr 80% rates, and their 2 yr 85%and 90% ratesTSB withdrew their trackers and increased their 60% and 75% fixes

5 Nov

Skipton withdrew all of their 3 year fixes

Leeds increased their 80% and 85% rates, but launched new 60% and 75% deals

4 Nov

HSBC increased almost all rates, and removed their last sub-1% fixNatwest increased most of their 60% 2and 5yr fixes, and a selection of 70% & 75%Skipton withdrew all of their 3 year fixed ratesNationwide increased most of their 60% & 75% fixes. All trackers withdrawn completelyCoventry increased their 95% rates.

3 Nov

Platform increased almost everything, though cutting some 95%The West Brom increased all but three of their fixed ratesYorkshire Building Society withdrew all of their tracker ratesTSB withdrew their 2 and 5 year remortgage fixed rates with fees up to 75%.

1 Nov

Halifax increase purchase rates up to 75%, all remortgage rates up to 90%. This leaves Halifax with nothing under 1%, and marks the end of sub-1% 5yr rates

29 Oct

Barclays increase majority of fixed rates up to 85%, all sub-1% deals now goneTSB withdraw their 3 yr fixes and increase majority of other fixed rates aside from their 95% 5 yr fix which improves

28 Oct

NatWest increase all residential 60%, 70% and 75% rates HSBC increase almostall 60%, 70% and 75% fixesfor the second time in two weeks, leaving just one sub-1% fixVirgin increase 65% and 75% rates residential 2 and 5 yr fixes

27 Oct

Nationwide increase most 60% & 75% purchase ratesNottingham all 2yr rates increased

26 Oct

Santander increase 60% & 75% fixed rates and withdraw all 3yr fixes, leaving no rates under 1%

21 Oct

Natwest removes last sub-1% 5yr, increasing rates on Green dealsLeeds withdraws a range of 65% & 75% fixes, no fixed rates under 1%

20 Oct

Nationwide increases almost all sub-75% rates, no 5yr fix under 1%

19 Oct

Barclays increases low LTV rates

18 Oct

Halifax increases most remortgage & purchase 5yr ratesAndrew Bailey, BoE Gov, tells G30 meeting BoE ‘will have to act’ on inflation

15 Oct

Coventry & Skipton increase BTL rates

13 Oct

HSBC increases rates, no 3yr or 5yr under 1%Natwest increases rates, only one 5yr (Green mortgage) remains under 1%

8 Oct

Platform (Co-Op Bank) go from lowest rates on the market to none under 1%Coventry increases low LTV rates

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