5 similarities (and 1 difference) between the credit crunch and swine flu

The similarities

  1. They both reached these shores from across the Atlantic – the credit crunch as a result of sub-prime lending in the US, and Swine Flu from Mexico.
  2. After spreading to the UK, there are reports of swine fever from almost every corner of the world.
  3. Symptoms for swine flu include fever, headaches, chills and fatigue – very similar to those suffered by victims of the credit crunch
  4. It’s looking likely the outbreak of swine flu will have a major effect on the tourism and travel industry.  Ditto the credit crunch
  5. The credit crunch slashed the bonuses and pensions of many city staff.  Although talk of job cuts in the porcine industry are premature, anyone who moved to pig farming for purely fiscal reasons is probably kicking themselves at the moment
The difference Swine flu is susceptible to a number of drugs, including zanamivir.  There is no known pharmaceutical cure for the credit crunch, although certain strains of alcohol are known to limit its effect
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