Is This The Beginning Of The End – Update

In my blog of 30th June, on house price indices, I mentioned that the June index from Nationwide found the average property value had increased by 0.9%, but warned against spending it as the Halifax report would be out soon. Well the Halifax report is out now and I just thought I’d let you know that house prices fell in June by 0.5%, according to them. Glad that’s cleared that up. On the subject of houses, another report just published said that house sales increased significantly when compared to last June. The report, concisely titled Agency Express Property Activity Index, is based on the amount of For Sale and Sold boards across the UK, and showed a 36.3% increase in the number of sales, registering its highest level for 14 months. Good news for all, but particularly for those living in the West Midlands as they saw the greatest increase in sales at 58.7%, beating their neighbours in the East Midlands into second spot with a 35.1% increase. Unfortunately, if you live in Wales you might want to look away now, as the report claims there was no increase where you live. Surprisingly London only showed a modest 7.6% rise, but did show well in the increase in For Sale boards where there was an increase of 25.4%. Perhaps they’re all moving to the West Midlands?

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