Could you Save Money? It only takes a minute to find out!

L&C Mortgages has launched the One Minute Mortgage Check, an online mortgage calculator that will tell borrowers instantly whether they could be saving money on their mortgage payments.

Answering three simple questions allows the online engine to calculate whether there could be a better deal on the market.  The borrower only needs to know the size of their mortgage, the value of their property and the rate they are currently paying.

If the existing deal can’t be beaten, the borrower can sign up to an alert service and the calculator will monitor the market on an ongoing basis.  If new rates are subsequently launched that could offer a saving, an automatic email alert will be sent straight to their inbox.

With the market changing so quickly, borrowers want to know whether they really do have the best rate and this offers a quick way to check the market not only now but also on an ongoing basis. 

Click here to try out the One minute Mortgage Check and see if you could save money on your mortgage.

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